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Phat Yak Records is proud to announce the creation of the Club Classical music genre! Developed by Helix Collective in 2010 for their performances with the Classical Revolution movement, the genre brings classical music back to its role as social music. Designed for performances at bars, night clubs, and dance halls, Club Classical gets the audience out of their seats and participating with the performers, learning numerous eccentric classical dances!

Helix Collective’s World Dance Club is the first album in the Club Classical genre. This recording takes classical and world dance styles and sets them to a modern invigorating beat. Combining the classical timbres of piccolo/flute, oboe/English horn, and piano with a new style of drum set performance, Helix makes the music of the world enjoyable and danceable by everyone!

Rock, Salsa, Renaissance, Bollywood, Baroque, Klezmer, Ragtime, and Bluegrass are featured in this whirlwind of dances. This is NACHO MAMA’S CLASSICAL ALBUM!

$14.99 + shipping

The Best F*cking Classical Label Ever.

The oboe is the most BAD ASS instrument in the orchestra. Because of this, it is our honor to bring you PapaPhat’s Oboeliscious Phunktacular! It is a collection of Popham’s music composed exclusively for double reeds. No flutes, no pianos, no problems.  Whether you are an oboist or just a bad-ass motherf*cker, this album will be a feast for your ears. Pieces include 5 Food Trucks, Canto Judaica, Happy Hour, Three Lonesome Places, and Tamboo Bamboo!


Classical music is no longer the prisoner of the elite! It is OUR music for EVERYBODY! Overpriced concerts in uncomfortable chairs with uncomfortable silences and no attention to dramatic presentation are finished. Classical Revolution: Los Angeles  provides high-energy, great performances in your favourite bars, night clubs, cafes, and beaches. Sip a cocktail, grab some friends, and have a blast as musicians light up the stage for your enjoyment. Pay what you can, applaud whenever you want, and interact with the performers!  This CD features the ensembles of the 2015-1016 season at Silverlake Lounge!

$5.00      (available for purchase at all CR:LA performances!)

The Ferling 48 REMIXES


Remixes of the favourite 48 Etudes by Wilhelm Ferling. Original music by Phil Popham. The Ferling REMIXES are educationally designed backing tracks to accompany the Ferling etudes. Unlike a pedal or a metronome the REMIXES make the Ferlings fun, energetic, full ensemble pieces! They allow for tuning to specific chords, more precise rhythmic subdivision, and a more vivid musical experience. I have been writing them for the past three months, and they have been used by thousands! Many teachers have said that their students are excitedly practicing more!

Originally composed in 2003, this work is meant to be listened to in the dark. It is meditative and contemplative. In the book, each of the 64 situations of life are comprised of two elements. Each of these elements is represented by a trigram (three lines which are either full or broken - see the cover art for the full chart). In this piece, each element is represented musically by a theme. Each musical theme represent an element. Just as all elements may be combined with each other to create a situation of life, all musical themes may be combined with each other harmoniously to create a unique musical passage. Each combination will bring out different details in the involved themes. A "Life" theme is also present throughout. When listening, let your mind wander. Perhaps a new musical combination will give you clarity of thought, just as it does for each theme in the work. Enjoy!