Phil most recently conducted Helix Collective in the 8th Annual Los Angeles Live Score Film Festival, Level Up!, and Music with a Movie Camera. He also led recording sessions for 22 films. He led the group in Pulling Back The Curtain, a concert featuring Hollywood’s unsung hero composers. In 2018, He conducted the award-winning score to The Bag and the Bike by Marco Antonini, and his own award-winning score to Oread in 2022. Additionally, he has conducted the world premieres of his Click, Clack, Moosic children’s concerts (based upon the books by Doreen Cronin) with the West Michigan Symphony Orchestra. The three programs were comprised of his original music accompanying the narration of the stories. He has also conducted numerous premieres, performances, and recordings of his works, such as My Spear for a Ring, Tamboo Bamboo, and Mauna Kea. As well as being Program Coordinator for the Los Angeles Film Conducting Intensive, Phil has conducted for David Newman in a master class with the Academy for Scoring Arts, studied conducting with Larry Livingston and Christian Grases at the University of Southern California, and Harlan Parker at the Peabody Conservatory of Music.


Antarctic Folksongs (2024)

The Los Angeles Live Score Film Festival (2023)

Level Up! Video-Game Music by BIPOC Composers! (2023)

Music with a Movie Camera (2023)

International Women’s Day: Women in Film (2023)

Crafted Image (2023)

A Mother’s Faith (2023)

Music with a Movie Camera (2022)

Spotlight! (2022)

The Rifter (2022)
The Bunny Museum (2022)

Madeleine (2022)
Mr. Sandman, Bring Me A Dream (2022)
DUD (2022)
I Can’t Save You (2022)
The Los Angeles Live Score Film Festival (2022)

Oread (2022) *Winner of the 2022 Golden Giraffe for Best Original Score*
Future Fred (2021)
Promposal (2021)
The Los Angeles Live Score Film Festival (2019)

Pulling Back the Curtain (2019)

The Bag and the Bike (2018)

Have Wine Will Travel (2018)

Arrow & Oil (2018)
The Devil’s Hour (2018)
Liminal (2018)
Niara (2018)
Aphrodite (2018)
The Pill (2018)
L’hombre Amoureuse (2018)
Bam-Bam (2018)
The Los Angeles Live Score Film Festival (2018)

Tamboo Bamboo (recording for album) (2016)

Click, Clack, Moosic – Book III (2015)
Click, Clack, Moosic – Book II (2015)
Click, Clack, Moosic – Book I (2015)

Just a Minute (2014)

Mauna Kea (2013)